When Jessica Simpson debuted her extremely toned and fit weight loss in September 2021, she sure made quite a statement. In fact, it was so striking that even the normally cautious Jessica Simpson seemed completely surprised by the sudden change. When Jessica Simpson revealed her secret to everyone, many people wondered how she did it – and how long it took for her to achieve it!

According to Jessica, the secret to her amazing weight loss success was adopting a healthier lifestyle and sticking to it. When Jessica first announced her intention to lose weight, she said she wanted to ”live life like a normal person” and that meant eating a low-calorie, low-fat diet, exercising at least three times a week and giving up some of her ”entertainment”. Those things certainly worked to make Jessica look and feel great, but the real secret to her success was what Jessica called her ”life-style”. Jessica explained that by adopting her new lifestyle, which consisted of giving up the TV, computer and any other forms of entertainment that consuming too much of her time and money, that it allowed her to focus on everyday things like taking care of herself and taking care of her newborn baby.

In order to make lasting changes, Jessica Simpson needed to start from scratch and create a new lifestyle. She did this by first giving up her fancy diet and fitness plans and choosing to eat healthier and exercise more. She also implemented a strict, healthy two snacks a day and an unlimited number of small meals – no pasta, no breads and no processed foods. Jessica had immediate results when it came to losing weight, but long-term weight loss will definitely take some time. When Jessica released her first body reset diet in February 2021, the diet was met with critical acclaim by nutrition experts. The new, healthy lifestyle encouraged Jessica to eat healthy foods in moderation and to workout regularly.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss