For some reason we have all been concerned with Adele’s weight. Maybe because she looks so good on her album covers, in the video for ”Magic” and at the premiere we saw her standing next to Leona Lewis holding up a sign that said ”I’m not fat”. But how has this woman managed to keep that weight off for the last year? And is there anything we can learn from her to lose weight for ourselves? We wanted to find out the truth.

We asked Adele singer weight loss expert Dr. Yana Weiss of New York University to evaluate her lifestyle and diet. She sent us a study comparing her with some other major movie stars who were interviewed for a similar survey. Dr. Yana shared several interesting points with us. In fact, we found out that Adele did not use any special diet or exercise program to stay slim.

Adele just eats what people eat. She is not counting calories or obsessing over food like some of the other celebrities we looked at. In her diet description she simply mentions that she eats fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs and lentils. Unlike the other celebrity moms we looked at, who were more at risk of being overweight, Adele does not drink much alcohol. She drinks mostly mineral water. When we asked the doctor about high protein diets, she told us that Adele is a healthy eater.

When compared to the other celebrities we looked at, Adele is probably in the best shape. We know she exercises and has a great diet. So, what do the best supplements for weight loss and energy and belly fat really contain? What should we look for to lose belly fat fast?

When we compared the ingredients in the diet pills for Adele singer weight loss we found many fewer calories in the pills than we found in the diet plan. In fact, we found that the diet pills for Adele singer weight loss contained more filler than we would expect to find in a diet pill. That’s good news. The ingredients are all natural and the product will not cause any undesirable side effects like so many other products can do.

When looking at what the best supplements for energy and weight loss and belly fat really contain we found that the supplement called Gabrielle had the most amount of antioxidants per serving. Gabrielle also had the fewest carbohydrates and the fewest calories. That makes sense since it is made of natural plant-based ingredients. If you are an athlete or someone who plays sports and needs something extra to give you that added boost then look for these supplements for energy and weight loss and belly fat. You can find them online and start taking them to lose weight and have a more toned appearance.