The late singer, Susan Boyle enjoyed a successful career which saw her perform hits like’Wembley Nights’ and ’Come As You Are’. Most of us are aware of Susan Boyle through the popular reality show Britain’s Got Talent wherein she impressed the audience and judges with her sparkling sing-along skills. However, while her singing talent is bigger than life, Susan Boyle’s weight has always been bigger than she would like. Now, after seeing her on the series, many fans are wondering if the actress will ever be able to slim down. Although some are speculating that it might be too premature for her to slim down now, others believe it is more appropriate for her to slim down for the role she is playing in the movie instead.

Susan has always maintained that she does not have an eating disorder as she was diagnosed with borderline diabetes back in 1996. Although she admitted that she was overweight at the time of her diagnosis, the singer was able to successfully shed the weight after a period of serious weight loss and fitness training. Unfortunately, the slimming process that she went through to achieve the ideal body is now being used by Susan as she plans to go on a her weight loss journey, which she calls the ”Samantha Experience”. She has also posted photos of herself on the ”Samantha Show” where she appears to be slimming down while drinking water.

The first appearance of Susan in got talent was actually on the track during one of the songs performed by props which were actually live action. This made many fans and experts even more curious as to what exactly went through the singer’s mind during that moment in time. One theory is that she was preparing for her role in the film, which she is already appearing in, The Girl Who Played With Fire. The movie itself promises to be quite entertaining and could very well star Ms. Boyle in an important role, who most people have been waiting to see since The Woman in Black.

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