In her first book, ”Angela DeRamus: Mastering the Art of Weight Loss,” published in 2021, Angela deem weight loss through a low calorie, low-fat vegetarian diet and exercise a sound course for weight maintenance. At the time, she was already a certified nutritional specialist and personal trainer. She used her knowledge to create her first weight loss program. Today, Ms. DeRamus provides a fitness consultation for people with obesity issues.

Through her program, she offers you a step by step plan to help you get started. Included in this plan is an interactive eBook that you can print and take with you at home. This eBook tells you what foods to eat and how often to eat them.

The program also gives you information about the best foods for weight loss. It has more than 60 pages of guidelines on what to eat, how often and what to combine. These ideas come straight from Ms. DeRamus’s own nutrition experience and research. The recipes in the ”Angela DeRamus: Mastering the Art of Weight Loss” are easy to make and delicious. You can use your own fresh ingredients or purchase ready made mixes.

One great way that you can start your journey toward weight loss is with a short fitness program that gets you off to a good start. You can do this at home. It consists of three 30-minute sessions. All you need is access to the Internet and about 20 minutes to spare. Each session consists of a stretching warm up, stretching to cool down and a dynamic tension strengthening routine. These sessions will help you lose weight and tone up.

The best part of this program is that it can be done any time. There is no requirement to eat healthy or to exercise. You can do this on your lunch break, before work, after dinner or even in between meetings.

This all sounds great. But you have to ask yourself whether it will really work for you. Will you be motivated enough to stick with the program? Will you find that the exercises in this program are hard to follow or that it is not motivating enough?

Most likely you won’t find the answer to these questions to be encouraging. That’s why it is important that you read a review of this program from a nutritionist, doctor or other professional. Read this before you take the plunge. Many other people have tried this program and found that it works for them. They may have had trouble reaching the goal that they had set for themselves.

The program works well for many but not for all. It works better for those who are already on a diet, have been inactive for some time and those who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight in the past. It also works better for those who are very committed to making changes in their lifestyles. If you think this may be a good option for you, consider taking advantage of the weight-loss support group that is available through JoMama. You may also contact the Weight Loss For Idiots support group online.